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Office Directory of DTL


Office Directory of DTL
Name Designation Department Phone Number
Sh. Shurbir Singh CMD CMD 23231748, 23215198, 23234640 (Fax)
Mr. Azimul Haque Director (HR) HR 23230806, 23222106, 23237472 (Fax)
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Lal Director (Finance) Finance 23222105, 23234952
Mr. Mukesh Kumar Sharma Director (Operations) Operations 23232715, 23232721 (Fax)
Mr. A. N. Mishra DGM (T) to Dir.(O) Operations 23234115
Mr. P. K. Mallik Executive Director (Corp. Gov.) & Company Secretary Company Secretary 23235380, 23238064
Mrs. Kavita Sharma AGM (Vigilance) Vigilance 23280027
Mr. R. N. Pani GM (HR) Human Resource 23231697, 23236593, 23233416 (Fax)
Mr. N. K. Sharma DGM (HR) Human Resource 23232580
-- DGM (T) Training Human Resource
Dr. Rishi Raj Public Relations Officer Human Resource 23234761, 23233340, 23217050 (Fax)
Mr. Lovleen Singh GM (T) Planning Operations 23552070, 23536469, 23622707 (Fax)
Mr. Neeraj Sharma DGM (T) Planning Operations 23533304
Mr. Naveen Goel DGM (T) EV, DGM (T) (E/A) Operations 23211207
Mr. Dinesh Singh DGM (T) D&E Operations 23533304
Mr. Rajeev Sapra DGM (T) QA&I Operations 23556659, 23620320 (Fax)
Mr. B. D. Shastri GM (T) CM&SEM Operations 23230026
Mr. N. K. Sharma DGM (T) CM Operations  
Mr. Pankaj Kumar Vijay DGM (T) SEM Operations 23236489
Mr. K. M. Lal GM (T) Project-I Operations 23632008
Mr. Vinod Kumar DGM (T) Project-IA Operations 23546102
Mr. Anuj Kumar Gahlaut DGM (T) Project-IB Operations  
Ms. Kiran Saini ED Project -II Operations 23593278
Mr. R.S. Meena DGM (T)Project-IIA Operations 23536162
Mr. Roop Singh DGM (T) P-II B Operations 23593250
Mr. B. Prasad GM (T) O&M-I Operations 23366462, 23366160 (Fax)
Mr. Devender Singh DGM (T) North & CSR Operations 25276578
Mr. Ram Kumar DGM (West) Operations  
-- GM (T) O&M-II Operations 23345815
Mr. Kamlesh Das DGM (T) O&M-East Operations  
Mr. Shariq Iqbal DGM (T) O&M - South Operations  
Mr. Kamlesh Das DGM (T) CTL Operations  
Ms. Kiran Saini ED (T) C&RA Operations 23370409, 23370477 (Fax)
Mr. Pradeep Katiyar AGM (T) C&RA Operations 23379170
Mr. Deepak Soni DGM (T) ERP/IT Operations 23239368
Mr. K. K. Verma GM (T) C&MM Operations 23274556, 23244802 (Fax)
Mr. Subhash Jangir DGM (T) M&S Operations 23251274, 23251275 (Fax)
Mrs. Parul Kapadia DGM (T)Contract Operations 23275290, 23275289 (Fax)
Mr. K. K. Verma GM (T) Contracts Business Plan Operations  
Mr. Pankaj Kumar Vijay DGM (T) CBP Operations 23236489
Mr. Loveleen Singh GM (T) PM, DM&S Operations
Mr. L. P. Kushwaha AGM (T) DM&S Operations  
Mr. B. L. Gujar DGM (T) P&M Operations  
Mr. Ashok Kumar GM (T) SLDC Operations 23231091
Mr. V.K. Jaiswal DGM (T) SLDC Operations 23233877
Mr. S. K. Sinha DGM (T) SO Operations 23221175
Mr. K. M. Lal GM (T) Civil Civil 24361811, 24360953 (Fax)
Mr. Rajeev Sharma DGM (T) Civil Civil 24361801
Mrs. Kamna Gupta GM (Fin) Finance 23238521, 23215196 (Fax)
Mr. Hareshinder Singh DGM (Fin)-II/ DPCL Finance 23247990, 23247984 (Fax)
Dr. Kanagaraju C. G. Infimate Chief Medical Officer Medical 23234775


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