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Last Updated On: 08 Mar 2016

Conservation Of Energy Call of the Day

•Use electrical appliances with better energy ratings.

•Replace incandescent bulbs with Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) or Light Emitting Diode (LEDs). These use four times less energy and last much longer.

•Turn off your computer, fans, lights etc. while leaving office.

•At least turn off your monitor of your computer system if you are leaving your system idle.

•Setting computer, laptop, copy machine  to use sleep mode when not in use help in cut-off  40% energy consumption.

•Set your freezer at -18°C and your fridge between 2°C and 5°C for greatest efficiency.

•Do not open refrigerator door too frequently.

•Leave space around the back of fridge or freezer for air to circulate.

•Avoid placing fridge or freezer next to your oven or stove, or in direct sunlight.

•Wash full loads on your washing machines.

•Use timer facility in washing machines to save energy

•One AC uses the same amount of power as 30 fans. Use your AC wisely. In India, where temperatures go very high during summers, AC works efficiently between 25 degrees  to 28 degrees Celcius. Temperatures lower than this adversly affects health also.

•While using ACs, plugin the gaps through which room cooling can escape. Cover the windows with curtains. Outside heat can affect room cooling.

•Keep filter of ACs clean. Take out the filters at least once every fifteen days and clean thoroughly. This will reduce load on the compressor, increase its life and  saves electricity.

•Prefer air conditioners having automatic temperature cut off

•Install outdoor units of split ACs preferably in a shady area.

•Keep your lamps and light fixtures free of dust.

•Switch off all electrical and electronic appliances when not in use. Keeping TVs, CD players and other electronic items on standby consume electricity.
•    Microwave Ovens consume 50 % less energy than conventional electric / gas stoves.

The following table shows the energy consumption of various appliances normally used at





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