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Planning Deptt

Planning deptt mainly responsible for planning and evolving the Power Transmission Grid to facilitate transmission/exchange of power within and across the National Capital region of Delhi including import/export of power with reliability and security. This department further comprises of three divisions namely : Planning, Design & Engineering and Quality Assurance and Inspection , whose roles and responsibilities are listed below:

Planning :- This division details the planning of Transmission system for evacuation of power from the State Sector Generating Stations, Grid Strengthening, and import/export of power from neighboring states and exchange of power within and across the state. Estimates and Land Issues are tackled by this division.

Design & Engineering:- Design & Engineering division is responsible for detailed engineering including drawing approval and formulation of QR/Technical specifications relating to various projects & contracts To ensure the quality of Product and Services of various ongoing turnkey projects/contracts implementation and future projects.

Quality Assurance & Inspection:- QA&I is responsible for ensuring the Quality of Product & Services at different stages of implementation of various projects / contracts through FQP/MQAP/Internal Audits so that the product meets the specified technical / functional requirement. It is with the efforts of ISO & Quality under this division that DTL was awarded with ISO 9001:2008 Certification in 2011 and is still certified.

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